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How to create new revenue from your existing customers

You probably already know your loyal customers’ online purchase behaviors, but what about their real-world behavior? 

According to the survey conducted by AlixPartners (2021), 48% of consumers stated that their shopping habits have been permanently changed by the pandemic. And yet it is constantly changing. For example, consumers are increasingly buying groceries from grocery stores as they grow accustomed to eating at home. Retail sales are seeing an increase as well, as more workplaces encourage people to return to the office. These are just a few examples of the physical world trends

By using Mall IQ Solutions, you can learn about your loyal customers’ actual shopping habits without wasting your time searching for general trends or assuming about their purchase behaviors.

With our solutions, you can discover your user’s purchase intent before they make a purchase, and you can deliver personalized mobile engagement. Since we are also the generators of first-party actionable data, you can enrich your CRM and create great campaigns, better credit, and product decisions. 

Our data does not only include customers using your card in the physical world; it also includes on-line shoppers.  Mall IQ Solutions allows you to discover which brands and categories your customers prefer in minutes. Our data provides the opportunity to talk to merchant partnerships and 3rd party offer providers about your customers’ needs, which will save you time and money.

Besides all the advantages, we have global coverage of shopping and travel locations, we are all around the world!

Creating new revenue from your existing customers has never been easier

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