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Empowering Banks, Fintechs & BNPL Apps

To Increase Activation & Wallet-Share

Engage your Card Customers about Great Offers they are Eligible for before the Purchase.
Make your Customers Happy & Increase your Revenue.

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We help you improve KPIs that matter


Increase in
Notification to Activation
Retail & Payment App


 Increase in
Purchase Frequency
Banking & Wallet App


Increase in
Banking & Wallet App


Increase in
Tech Retailer


Increase in
Multi Brand Loyalty App

We measure purchase intent of customers
in the physical world and
make it insightful & actionable
for our partners.

Going Beyond Geofencing

Engage your customers in the physical world, at store-level accuracy, both indoor and outdoor and without any hardware.

Easy to Integrate SDK & APIs

Integrate Mall IQ’s lightweight mobile SDK into your mobile app and start engaging your customers real-time with our fast time to market. Make the most out of our product suite with our secure APIs.

Privacy-First Approach

We value privacy highly and do not collect any personally identifiable information. We are a first party data provider for our clients.

“Our partnership with Mall IQ led to significant increase in our credit card transaction frequency, volume and customer loyalty.”

Gokhan Mendi

SVP, Retail & Private Banking

Understand Purchase Intent

Measure the purchase intent of your mobile app users in the physical world, by understanding how much time they spend in each store via Mall IQ’s proprietary indoor location technology that does not require any hardware.

Predict Next Purchase

Predict the next purchase decision much better with Mall IQ’s unique real-time data in addition to the historical data you are using today for your personalized campaigns.

Increase KPIs & Revenues

Influence your consumers purchase behavior and drive top of wallet usage for your products, building on what you’re already doing today.

Monetize Your Current Customers & Increase Revenues

Mobile Engagement Platform

Discover your customers offline journey to enhance your app engagement

Data & Insights

Discover customer journey patterns to empower your business results

Real-Time Location Based Engagement Solutions

Payments & Banking

Engage your customers at the right moment before they use another payment method

Loyalty Platforms

Influence your customers shopping journey to channel foot-traffic to your retail partners

Shopping & Retail

Interact with your customers at the right time and location to increase foot-traffic and sales


Grow into payment and loyalty platforms leveraging physical purchase-intent


Discover your customers' offline journey to segment, engage and drive incremental sales

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